We are committed to using circular processes at wear on kids clothing. We will repair pieces, if needed, before reselling to ensure they live on and on and on. Once a piece can no longer be reworn or repaired and it's reached the end of its useful life, the components will be repurposed, recycled or returned safely to the environment. As a materials-based business, we want to take responsibility for the resources we use and the products we create.

Read on for more information about the benefits of our circular kids fashion loop, and how you can become a part of it!

If you are looking for information on buy backs for Haven Kids Clothing, see the How our Buy Back and Repair Program section below.

Reasons to Participate in our Guaranteed Buy Back Program

Reason #1

Help Create New Memories

Your kid's clothes are a part of cherished childhood memories. Give their outgrown and worn out items a chance to wear on, and create new memories for another family.

Reason #2

Earn Shop Credits

Follow the four (4) simple steps listed in the Buy Back and Repair section below to return outgrown or worn out items for a guaranteed shop credit. Your shop credit, easily accessible through your account, can be used to help fund your growing kid's wardrobe in the next size up. High five to smart savings!

Reason #3

Reclaim Time, Money and Wardrobe Space

You're too darn busy working and playing with your kids to spend precious time posting and responding to the buy and sell, or finding someone who has kids that would fit and use your kid's outgrown items. Reclaim your time and space in your kid's wardrobe by participating in our simple, easy and reliable buy back program.

Reason #4

Reduce Waste and Support Sustainability

It's small, thoughtful actions like purchasing clothing made with natural fibres, and sending your kid's clothing back to us for repair and rewear that help create positive impacts on our planet. Participating in our buy back program supports a circular economy, reduces waste caused by discarded clothes and the consumption of virgin materials when creating new clothing. Bravo to you!

  • STEP A: Purchase

    When you purchase new or preloved clothing from our shop, you can feel at ease knowing there is a simple, reliable and eco-friendly avenue to return the piece once it is outgrown or in need of repair.

  • STEP B: Buy Back and Repair

    Once you are ready to pass on any wear on kids clothing or select Haven Kids Clothing pieces:


    1. ensure the pieces are clean and package them up - we love when customers reuse shipping materials like bags and boxes;
    2. include a note inside the package with the full name, email address and phone number of the person/account you would like the shop credit applied to;
    3. if any of the pieces are in need of repair, please indicate those details on the note you place inside the package; and
    4. address and ship the package to, or drop off at: Wear On Kids Clothing Inc. (4291 199A Street, Langley, BC, V3A 4V5).


    Once we have received the package and assessed the pieces, a shop credit will be applied to the person/account indicated and a summary emailed within two (2) weeks of receiving the package. Please refer to our chart (coming soon) regarding a piece's condition and the potential shop credit amount. 


    Please take note:

    • Customers are responsible for any shipping costs incurred. 
    • While we accept all wear on kids clothing, we only accept select Haven Kids Clothing pieces (i.e. Haven Kids styles now in production by wear on kids clothing).
  • STEP C: Resell and Wear On

    Clothing we receive back will be assessed and posted in the preloved section of our shop for resale. We want our clothes to wear on and on and on. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email buyback@wearonkids.ca